Leather or fabric sofas and armchairs?

Armchair and modern sofas

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a home is the sofa and armchair.

This is where you'll crash after a long day's work for a quick breather. You can also entertain your house guests with parties here. Therefore, when buying a sofa or armchair, make sure that it not only complements your decor, but also suits your lifestyle.

The two main materials when buying home furniture , such as a sofa or armchair, are fabric and leather. When buying a sofa for the first time, it can be difficult to weigh all the pros and cons. We'll simplify it by breaking it down into the most important elements:

A leather sofa or armchair is the best option when durability is your priority. It usually takes longer. If you take care of it, you can even keep it for decades.

If you decide to buy a fabric sofa or armchair, choose a synthetic microfiber fabric. They are more durable than typical fabric sofas because they are stain resistant. Both look fantastic, so both are good choices.

Just first choose the color you want to create in your home. We have a wide range of leather and fabric colors.

Leather sofas and armchairs are very practical because they are easy to maintain. Simply use a cloth to wipe away the dust.

Fabric sofas require more frequent maintenance. To achieve a new and fresh look, you may need a handheld steam cleaner. In addition, if there are stains, you need to perform a stain cleaning.

When it comes to comfort, a fabric sofa is unmatched because it's warm, plush and soft. In addition, fabric sofas from online furniture stores are durable. Even after being used for a long time, they remain stable and do not sag. A leather sofa has a strong base, but absorbs heat faster than a fabric sofa. In the warmer summer months, you may end up sweating after sitting.

Although fabric sofas and armchairs are more comfortable, buying a leather sofa has its advantages. Being hypoallergenic is one of them. They are ideal for homes with allergies as they do not collect dust or pet hair.

With us you can discover online any type of home furniture, including leather sofas and armchairs. Visit our online store to see our selection.

The eScaun team