How to choose the right shape for your living room or kitchen table

Finding the right shape for your table

Round - square - rectangular - oval or extendable?

The first question is always the shape of your table. Each person prefers a certain shape.

When buying, make sure the table height and seat height of your dining chairs match.

Chairs with a seat height of 46 cm and tables of 76 cm are standard. If you want to combine the armchairs with the dining table, make sure that the table is high enough to fit the armrests of the chair underneath (which is very important, especially in small rooms).

Round dining room tables

Mainly, round tables are very communicative. A round table has several advantages: everyone can look at each other, everyone sits at the same distance. You have a good overview of what is happening at the table. However, round tables require more space.

Rectangular dining tables

This shape is the best selling shape for dining tables. Accordingly, we also offer a wide range of models, sizes and colors.

Square dining tables come in a wide range of sizes, from space-saving models for small rooms to large tables that can seat many people. Square tables are intended for smaller spaces. If there is not enough space, they can be placed on a wall or even in a corner. In this way, the small table takes up little space.

Medium-sized tables are suitable as the anchor point of the living room. It offers enough space for 2 - 4 people, while larger tables with a table top of 140x140 to 160x160 cm are ideal for spacious dining rooms or large, open living-dining areas and a larger number of people.

Oval dining tables

If your room is too narrow for a round table and you prefer round shapes, you might like an oval table. Note that the footprint of an oval table is smaller than that of a rectangular table of equal size.

Extendable dining tables

Extendable dining tables are the best choice when you want to save space, but sometimes invite more guests. This choice only makes sense if there is still enough space in the room to move the table when it is extended.

To find the right table for you, you must first measure your room and know the number of people, approximately how many people will be seated each day. With us you can find the right table for your living room in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

And if you have a problem choosing the size of the table top, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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